Arkos Light

In Arkoslight, for more than three decades, time has witnessed our dedication to create lighting, therefore, we work every day to provide the best lighting. Careful products, at the technological forefront, differentiated in design and persecutors of the maximum quality.


The history of B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH starts with its foundation in 1975, more than 30 years ago. Originally, its main activity was the development and manufacture of emergency luminaires. In 1986, the offer was extended with the arrival of motion detectors. Subsequently, the development of other product families, such as VIDEOLUX and ECOLIGHT allowed to complete the range of products.


CASTAN ILUMINACIÓN was born in 1979 from the union of three lighting professionals, with an experience of 10 years in the design and manufacture of luminaires and fluorescence systems. As well as in the advice to engineers, architects and decorators.


Responding to the diverse needs of the market in the field of lighting, GRUPO NOVOLUX was born to offer all kinds of technical and aesthetic solutions, becoming one of the strongest lighting groups in the market of the Iberian Peninsula. Integra, among other brands of lighting, CRISTHER with an experience since 1981, specializing in residential private outdoor lighting, expanding its range to offer all kinds of lighting solutions.


Founded in 1888, Daisalux is dedicated to the development and manufacture of emergency lighting systems, beaconing and signaling: emergency kits, autonomous devices, projects, balises, ballasts, centralized equipment, control systems, portable lighting luminaires, signaling, LED emergency of high energy efficiency.

Delta Light

At Delta Light, a Belgian family business, they design and manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects. They have been doing this through a global network since 1989, working in small and large houses, hotels, offices, public buildings and hospitality environments.

Disano lighting

Disano Iluminación was born in 1957, and today is a leading company in Italy and occupies one of the first positions as a manufacturer of luminaires in Europe. The corporate philosophy of Disano is the same that has declared the success of Made in Italy in the world: high quality of the products, great reliability and maximum attention in the relations with the client.

DOPO lighting

Responding to the diverse needs of the market in the field of lighting, GRUPO NOVOLUX was born to offer all kinds of technical and aesthetic solutions, becoming one of the strongest lighting groups in the market of the Iberian Peninsula. Integra, among other brands of lighting, DOPO with an experience since 1990, specializing in residential private outdoor lighting, expanding its range to offer all kinds of lighting solutions.


Duisa was born in 1999, focusing its activity on the development of new products in the sector of emergency lighting and signaling. Since its inception, the vocation of Duisa has been eminently exporting, having the necessary means to adapt to different markets and demands.


Specialties Luminotécnicas S.A. is a company based in Zaragoza, which offers design, manufacture and sale of power equipment for the professional lighting and lighting sector.


ERCO is a company open to the world and active on a global scale. All major markets have showrooms and local ERCO offices. This is where our highly qualified and specially trained employees work as lighting consultants.

EXO Lighting

EXO LIGHTING was born from the vocation of GRUPO NOVOLUX to be a global supplier of lighting, complemented its range with this catalog of indoor luminaires. The products that make up this new offer aim to offer quality materials and components and the best features in terms of interior lighting.


Founded in 1962 in the city of Merano (Italy), FLOS is an international company that offers a wide range of products and lighting systems within the residential and architectural sector. Known for its creative and innovative lighting solutions, our company boasts a catalog full of iconic products designed by great myths of the history of design.

FREPI lighting

The foundation of Frepi, s.a., is produced in 1989 by the hand of its current director general Eduardo Cunillera, in order to distribute the signature prism illuminazione in Spain. The mission of FREPI is to promote and market the group of manufacturers that it represents today, as well as technical advice in the development of the lighting project.


Fullwat is one of the reference brands in the sector of industrial and consumer electronics, with a wide range of products within the fields of energy accumulation and conversion and the incipient market of LED lighting. All its products offer a high quality with a strong competitive value in terms of price.

GE Lighting

GE is a lighting company that offers a wide catalog to illuminate both the home and large surfaces. GE seeks to reduce the environmental impact by working with materials such as light-emitting diodes, which operate with less cost and greater efficiency.


IGuzzini was founded in 1959 and since then manufactures lighting devices for interiors and exteriors. At present, it is the leading company in the lighting sector in Italy and one of the most important in Europe. Its headquarters Recanate, The Marche (Italy), occupies an area of 150,000 m2.


INDELUZ is a family company founded in 1974 that has achieved a solid position in the market thanks to our core values: customer service, speed of delivery and product quality


IRELUZ es una compañía familiar fundada en 1974 que ha conseguido una sólida posición en el mercado gracias a nuestros valores fundamentales: servicio al cliente, rapidez de entrega y calidad del producto.


In 2001, Jiso was born in Chiva. In the beginning they were dedicated to the manufacture of interior recessed luminaires, over the years they have been adapting their products to the new market demands, and currently they are dedicated to the design and manufacture of both indoor and outdoor luminaires.


Kortilux offers thermo-luminous control elements that allow you to enjoy the exterior views with a reserved transparency, achieving the right degree of comfort at every moment.

The success of these walls lies in their timelessness, aesthetics, quality and versatility of finishes. For classic or avant-garde environments Kortilux offers original solutions and quality decorative answers.

Lamp Lighting

For more than 40 years, LAMP has been offering efficient lighting solutions and face market needs with an enviable adaptability. With the faculty of being integrated in the entire architectural process, they provide guidance and technical advice to architects and prescribers to find the solution that best adapts to each project.


LED BCN national benchmark in the field of LED lighting, integrates a wide range of luminaires for the residential, commercial, architectural and spectacular lighting sector, always with LED technology.

Ledvance Osram

Ledvance Osram is one of the two main light manufacturers in the world. The company covers the entire spectrum of the lighting business. From components, light sources, electronic connection equipment, as well as complete luminaires, lighting management systems and lighting solutions.


LEDS-C4 is a manufacturer of lighting solutions capable of satisfying any specific customer need, including an exclusive service of advice, creation and manufacture of customized solutions. The company's seven product lines encompass more than 3100 references in constant renovation, which respond to the most varied needs and lighting styles.


The presence of the Legrand Group in Spain is consolidated both by its international reference brands - LEGRAND, BTICINO, CABLOFIL, ZUCCHINI - as well as by national origin, TEGUI and QUINTELA. The strength of these specialist brands and their capacity for innovation make the Group provide a broad and attractive offer to meet current market demands, solutions and services for its different sectors of activity: Residential, Tertiary, Industrial and Infrastructure.


Lutron is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of lighting control and architectural systems for controlling natural and artificial light for residential, commercial and corporate buildings. Having invented the solid state electronic regulator, the Lutron brand is the most recognized and sought after in the industry.


At LuxInTec we specialize in the design, development and manufacture of innovative lighting systems with high-performance LED technology. We offer an innovative and truly differentiated product from the wide range of LED lighting that appears day after day in the market, and which fulfills and exceeds the expectations of prescribers, installers, engineers and professional distributors.


We are a solid and experienced Lighting Group with a wide national and international presence, specialized in providing the best integral solutions in design, production and commercialization, illuminating architectural, professional, domestic and ephemeral spaces.


Luznor Desarrollos Electrónicos S.L. is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of emergency luminaires and other electronic security devices.

Luznor offers highly qualified technicians, a high standard of quality, an effective system of development, manufacturing and control and, above all, a philosophy of commitment to customers that allows to offer innovative products endowed with advanced technology and recognized prestige.


Megaman is a global brand that has exclusively provided lighting products with low energy consumption throughout its life. It comes from developing the first classic CFL formed in the industry to now boast a full range of LEDs, launching a revolutionary elegant lighting solution, a full range of LED components and a series of LED luminaires


Nexia is a passionate and dynamic company dedicated to the lighting sector, with a solid base in technical knowledge and with a future projection in the world of LED technical lighting. Thanks to the group of professional and committed people that make up the company, we have been able to create successful series of our own product, always betting on the best design and the highest quality.

Norma Group

Norma Group is a global market and technology leader in union technology engineering solutions, with more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing and product development. With a staff of about 6,700 employees, it has a global network of manufacturing facilities and numerous sales and distribution centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia and the Pacific.

OnoK Light technique

From its beginnings, ONOK Luz Técnica S.L. It has been characterized by its dynamics in terms of the management and manufacture of recessed spotlights and design. Thanks to this, it has managed to maintain a sustainable growth throughout its life and today it has consolidated as one of the leading companies in the lighting sector.

Performance in Llighting

The current Performance In Lighting Spain, S.A., was founded in 1989 with the initial name of Frepi, S.A., with the mission of distributing the Italian firm Prisma in Spain, as well as other companies that were incorporated into its current portfolio of lighting products. In 2004, the company is owned by the Italian group Performance In LIghting (PIL) and, in 2013, it changed its name and adopted its current name, becoming the subsidiary of the PIL group for Spain.


Philips facilitates the implementation of effective lighting solutions for companies. We can manage everything from design to installation, so you can rely on the highest quality results with the minimum of complications and risk.

Priled by Pritec

It is a design company of lamps and lighting products with LED technology.


In Prilux aspire to be a world reference in lighting solutions. They create, develop and manufacture exceptional products and services. They are a high-tech lighting company that tries to break its limits by raising its human and technological standards.


RZB is a manufacturer of luminaires whose manufacturing center is located in Germany. It specializes in interior lighting, exterior lighting, store lighting, control systems, emergency lighting, indicator lights, design awards and LED lamps.

Screenluz lighting systems

It is a company that operates in the Lighting Sector since the beginning of its activity in the year 2000. Since then its evolution has been constant, becoming one of the companies with greater growth and implementation within the sector. For more than 10 years dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of fluorescent and hospital luminaries.

Secom lighting

Secom is a Spanish company founded in 1986. From its origins, the main objective was to manufacture luminaires with great visual comfort and energy efficiency that contribute to improving the user's standard of living.

Simon Lighting

SIMON LIGHTING S.A., with factories in Barcelona and Madrid is dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of lighting devices, intended for industrial, commercial and public use, in addition to all types of supports and accessories for them under the SIMON LIGHTING trademarks.



Founded in 1928 and based in Florence, Targetti operates in the field of lighting architecture products both indoors and outdoors and offers a set of solutions developed in response to specific functional and aesthetic challenges.



Theben is a company that offers a wide range of products such as presence detectors or light timers. Its philosophy is based on using energy only and exclusively when needed, either to regulate the heating or to turn on or dim the light when people need to orient themselves in the dark. This increases energy efficiency and thus saves more energy in a sustainable manner.


Threeline Technology was born in Almansa in 2006, as an electronics company for lighting, evolving to become specialists in LED lighting. They design and develop their own products with CE marking in accordance with the regulations of security and electronic compatibility, achieving energy savings of more than 80%.


Tridonic has been, for almost 60 years, a successful driver of innovation in the lighting market. In the lighting sector we were considered pioneers of digital control of lighting. Today, we are betting more and more on LEDs, the technology of the future, to which we dedicate more than 80 percent of our current research and development projects.


TRILUX belongs to a large number of professional associations nationally and internationally. Teamwork within the sector always offers added values, for example, in research and development in the field of light technology and electrical engineering. TRILUX systematically promotes the cooperative transfer of information and knowledge.

Zemper high technology

Zemper is a family business with a solid and extensive experience in the market. Since our beginnings in 1965, our basic pillars of work have always been quality, design, innovation, technology and the utmost respect for the environment.

En OPPLE le ofrecemos productos de iluminación LED asequibles y de buena calidad desde nuestros almacenes europeos. Trabajamos con los distribuidores más reconocidos y profesionales para prescribir y distribuir productos OPPLE de la forma más eficaz.