Intelligent Distribution

Valle Industrial

The industrial division of Grupo Valle is the longest. With more than 35 years of dedication in the world of distribution of electrical equipment, it has a highly specialized human team and continuous training. The permanent commitment to the quality of the stock and the close collaboration with leading brands position us as one of the leading distributors in the market.

We offer technical and competitive solutions to different sectors, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food industry, to all types of installations in general, applying efficient and sustainable solutions through management systems and control of buildings, aimed at industry 4.0.

As Expert and Sensor Partner of Schneider Electric, we guarantee all types of solutions adjusted to the needs of our clients. in order to offer the best response to a demanding market that day by day grows and evolves.

As a communication channel, we use our social networks, Newsletter, etc ... to always keep our clients informed of the latest technical / commercial news and current news.