Since 1922, ACV has been developing, producing and marketing technological solutions for the production of domestic hot water and heating for residential and tertiary use. The company has invented the Tank-in-Tank concept, which is found in most products in the ACV line and gives them exceptional performance. ACV is the stainless steel specialist. For 40 years, the choice of this material, which resists the corrosion of the most aggressive waters, has given ACV products an exceptional lifespan with minimum maintenance. Today, ACV offers innovative products that meet all sanitary comfort requirements. Thanks to its exclusive state-of-the-art technology, ACV offers reliable, high-performance, economical and environmentally friendly solutions.

Advantronic Systems

Advantronic Systems is a distribution company of electronic security equipment made up of professionals from the sector with extensive experience in the design and marketing of automatic fire detection systems. The range of products that Advantronic Systems presents, offers an excellent relation quality price, contributing solutions to the practical majority of the facilities that are presented in the market, from the small conventional systems up to the great facilities of analogical systems. The main reason that Advantronic Systems exists as a company is full customer satisfaction. Our main objective is to know and satisfy your needs. The general strategy of Advantronic Systems to achieve the objective is based on three fundamental pillars: comprehensive quality applied to all areas of the company, innovation in processes, strategies, products and services and customer service.


Aparici is a Spanish company dedicated to sanitary hot water, they offer us ranges of electric water heaters for hot water and accumulators, always manufactured under the strict European regulations CE meet the highest quality requirements in its components and present a design committed to the environment.


Aquaflex is dedicated to the accumulation, expansion vessels and distribution of cold and hot sanitary water. It was born with the clear idea of offering a service and guarantee product package that is able to face the constant changes and varied needs of the sector, always giving an optimal solution beyond a static manufacturing line.


Balay was created in the 40's when two entrepreneur partners joined their ideas and surnames, today we are the leading brand in the home appliance sector. Balay faithfully reflects the philosophy of our company, but throughout five decades of constant innovation we have been present in Spanish homes with our products and our advertising. The constant innovation and incorporation of technological advances applied to our household appliances have made it possible for practically all of our models to be Class A+ or higher. Balay has distinguished appliances with the highest energy ratings in the market. Within our catalogue, we call those products that consume the least energy from our range eco-efficient.


The Bosch Group is an international leader in technology and services. In 2013, some 281,000 people achieved sales of 46.1 billion euros (Note: due to changing legislative regulations, the main figures for 2013 are not fully comparable with the indicators published for 2012). The activities focus on four business areas, Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group consists of Robert Bosch GmbH and some 360 subsidiaries or regional companies in approximately 50 countries. If business partners are included, Bosch is present in around 150 countries. This worldwide network of development, production and sales forms the basis for its future growth.


BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group is the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide. The group was founded in 1967 as a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart) and Siemens AG (Munich). Today, BSH operates 41 factories in 13 countries in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia. Together with a worldwide sales network and customer service subsidiaries, the BSH family today consists of more than 80 companies in 47 countries, with a total workforce of around 50,000 people.

Cipriani Scambiatori Spain

Cipriani began its presence in the national market in the year 84 with the help of an exclusive importer. This beginning includes the introduction of Cipriani products in different fields, being essentially in the thermo-sanitary sector where its presence is developed in a wider way.


Ferroli has been present in Spain since 1965 and throughout this time we have invested in people, technology and knowledge to become a benchmark in the sector of heating, air conditioning and solar energy, always keeping clear our main objective: the satisfaction of our customers. The human team, the company's main engine, is made up of more than 300 people who every day put all their enthusiasm and passion into achieving "the best degree centigrade" through technological development, continuous improvement of the efficiency of products and processes, respect for the environment and sustainability, and knowledge of people's needs. In Spain we have a state-of-the-art production centre in Burgos, which allows us to have the widest range of products on the market and greater proximity to our customers. In addition, 7 commercial delegations covering the whole country and more than 150 technical assistance centres distributed throughout Spain to guarantee the best service and attention.


The company Ferroplast is a privately owned company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of plastic pipes and fittings for pipelines and conduits, being present mainly in sectors such as building, public works irrigated electrical conduits and telecommunications.


With more than 75 years of experience in the manufacture of air-conditioning equipment, we are now a world leader in technology. We optimise our possibilities and progress day by day. Thus, in each of our products and services we offer the highest technology and the highest level of performance for the total comfort of our customers. Fujitsu Air Conditioning has been a pioneer in sustainability and comfort for 45 years. Number one in technology and leaders in energy efficiency worldwide. This is our main motivation and our raison d'être. The quality of our air conditioners guarantees us day by day.


The extraordinary process of technological growth and scientific experience with materials has led IRSAP to produce a product based on energy saving, being aware of the cost of management and the protection of the environment. Thanks to their high thermal efficiency, IRSAP radiators are the ideal solution for state-of-the-art construction and for the most modern low temperature plants.


Isopipe is one of the three globally integrated companies in the production of insulation and develops into the widespread production of expanded synthetic rubber insulation with closed cell structure. In 2000, Isopipe insulation was awarded by the European Business Association for its excellent quality.


We have consolidated our position in the air conditioning and energy sector, offering global solutions adapted to all types of applications with a wide variety of products ranging from the residential range to the industrial range, whatever the need of our customers we have a solution.


Lowara is a leading manufacturer with a wide range of thermostats, pumps, drilling pumps, surface pumps, which are used for the transport of drinking water, such as flow heating and cooling, irrigation, supply, pressurization and irrigation in different places of consumption, such as industry, agriculture and construction. Lowara is committed to studying, developing, manufacturing and distributing pumps and systems for water pumping technology applications. Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Montecchio Maggiore, near Vicenza in Italy, Lowara has been serving customers and users of hydraulic pumps in various sectors for over 40 years. Lowara pumps are made of stainless steel which keeps the water free from contamination. Laser welding technology creates pumps that are resistant to aggressive chemicals and ensures that the production process is environmentally friendly.


Mediclinics with the ISO 9001 certificate is an international company, 100% customer-oriented, which consistently provides the services and/or products requested by the sector's professional in equipment for collective bathrooms. We are manufacturers with continuous improvements in our processes and internal organization, with established responsibilities and objectives. With a capacity of response and flexibility referent in the sector and that allow to create a constant value as much internally as to our suppliers and partners.


Leader in the manufacture of domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning systems. Among its main products we find: the domestic range, the commercial range, industrial, City Multi, Ecodan Range, Ventilation, Melans Control Range, Domotics, TBC Telemaintenance Service, Accessories, Jet Towel Hand Dryer and Dehumidifiers.


Niron is a company that offers an extensive range of products and pipes, of high quality and of an infinity of sizes and diameters for the builder's taste, both for large industrial and private constructions. A large part of the product range can be found in sanitary wholesalers.


Nofer is a company based in Barcelona, with more than 45 years of experience that designs and manufactures sanitaryware and stainless steel accessories for communities.

Its products are made in Spain, with more than 1000 references available. Nofer constantly innovates to give its customers the best solution to their needs.


The level of technical quality is the constant that best defines NOVATUB's vocation to manufacture only fully guaranteed and competitive products. Our effectiveness is based on a dynamic and experienced structure, which by means of advanced systems allows us to have a great production capacity, all under a rigorous quality control that satisfies the most demanding homologations. We offer a wide range of circular, oval and rectangular ducts, standard accessories and special made-to-measure pieces, both in stainless steel and galvanised, as well as compressed aluminium flexible tubes. And to gain speed and eliminate parts, with the self-connecting corrugated helical tube and with the double tube conduit with incorporated adapter we facilitate much faster, lighter and more stable installations.

Ramon Soler

Ramon Soler started his activity in 1890 in Barcelona. 4 generations of businessmen at the head of the company who have transformed a small metallurgical workshop into a company of international projection. Ramon Soler has always created its own mechanisms in taps (single handle and thermostatic cartridges, mounts and distributors, ...), has researched new production systems, has provided innovative mechanisms that ensure and facilitate installation and has opted for new lines of design that have set trends. As a result, we have developed more than 115 patents in our R+D+i department.


Industrias Rayco S.A, after more than 40 years of experience, dedicated to the manufacture of heating radiators, it can be said that we continue to be a leading company within the sector. With the philosophy of flexibility and agility, Rayco has understood the continuous needs and demands of the market at all times, offering a wide range of high quality radiators, backed by all the most demanding certifications.


Saci is a company from Barcelona, specialized in centrifugal pumps. They manufacture centrifugal, vertical, faecal, swimming pool or domestic pumps, light panels or other products such as pressure control systems.

Saunier Duval

Saunier Duval is a corporation belonging to the Vaillant Group, a multinational business group that leads the supply of intelligent systems for home comfort in Europe. Saunier Duval is the manufacturer that has developed the first wall-hung mixed gas boiler, the watertight boiler, the unmanned heater, the wall-hung direct condensation boiler and many other technological innovations aimed at improving economy, comfort, safety and respect for the environment in this type of product. Founded in 1907, Saunier Duval has production centres in several European countries and China. Its commercial subsidiaries and independent distribution companies are spread over the five continents. The extensive implementation of the brand in Spain, with seven Regional Directorates and some thirty Provincial Delegations, guarantees the immediate availability of equipment and spare parts.

Siemens, S. A.

Siemens is present in 191 countries and has a workforce of 367 thousand employees. It is the company with the broadest catalog of products and services in the market. Its investment in R & D exceeds € 4,000 million, which allows it to develop 53,000 patents and 9,000 inventions per year. Two billion people use every day, directly or indirectly, some of our products or solutions. Without people we would only be technology.

Sodeca, S.A.

SODECA focuses its activity on the production of industrial fans, ventilation systems and extractors for the evacuation of smoke in case of fire, since 1983 year of its foundation. SODECA fans and extractors are present in all European countries and in much of the world, thanks to the quality of the product and the research and development methods used. Our quality procedures used and certified by BUREAU VERITAS, according to ISO 9001: 2008, are another reason why SODECA is one of the best and most renowned fans manufacturers in Europe.

Soler & Palau, S.A.

Soler and Palau was created in 1951 by engineers Eduard Soler and Josep Palau. In these first years of our company's history, we have worked with firmness and determination to get Soler and Palau Ventilation Group goes beyond our borders and reaches a global dimension. The Soler and Palau brand has achieved worldwide recognition thanks to its human team, quality, reliability and a strong commitment to innovation. Soler and Palau Ventilation Group has based its project on a series of precepts that have set the past, present and future of the company: its own technology, internationalization, growth and self-financing.

Standard Hidráulica, S.A.U.

Standard Hidráulica, S.A.U. is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of valves for water installations for residential use, as well as valves and accessories for the conduction of gas and heating, fittings joining copper, bronze and brass in addition to the range of taps CLEVER. Its products and brand image have a well-deserved reputation in the market through its exhaustive search for quality, innovation and exquisite customer service that has been the hallmark of the company since its foundation in 1975.


Thermor is the brand with which Groupe Atlantic responds to the professional specialist in integral thermal solutions. Thermor was founded in 1931. That is to say, it has been improving its products day by day for more than 80 years. Thus, for more than 20 years, it has become the benchmark brand in thermal solutions. This can only be achieved by renewing our daily efforts to offer more innovative, efficient, sustainable and intelligent solutions. Thermor designs products with the professional in mind: offering maximum performance, easy installation and the least possible maintenance.


ITALSAN, se ha situado en el mercado español e internacional como empresa líder en la fabricación, distribución y asesoramiento técnico de sistemas termoplásticos para las redes de distribución y evacuación de fluidos. Siendo expertos en instalaciones de fontanería, ACS, Climatización y Evacuación, prescribiendo y dotando de soluciones específicas para las aplicaciones de cualquiera de nuestros sistemas.