Corporate Overview

In the current world "always active, always available" in which companies can not interrupt work and downtime is measured in dollars, American Power Conversion (APC) offers protection against some of the main causes of inactivity, loss of data and hardware damage: power and temperature problems. As a global leader in physical infrastructure solutions for critical networks, APC sets the standard in its sector in terms of quality, innovation and support.

Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis is a manufacturer of end-to-end networking solutions of Japanese origin, which provides an efficient connection for voice, video and data services worldwide. Enterprise customers can create complete end-to-end network solutions through a single provider, with technologies ranging from powerful 10 Gigabit layer, Sw Layer 3 to medium converters.


Bachmann is a highly innovative company that develops, manufactures and distributes electrotechnical components and systems for the customer. Among the most outstanding technological products, in addition to the highly innovative energy management solutions of the BlueNet family, there are the multifunctional table connection fields, some of which have won several international design awards. Due to the commitment of values to our customers, we also give top priority to issues of the future such as energy management and energy efficiency for calculation centers and industry as well as installation systems in buildings.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a US multinational company based in San Jose, California that designs, manufactures and markets network equipment. He is currently the world leader in network solutions that transforms the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Among its products and services are: cloud and systems management, storage networks, routers, security and physical security, servers, network software (IOS and NX-OS), Switches, Wireless Technology, Telepresence, Voice and Unified Communications and WebEx.


D-Link helps you connect better with our innovative approach to computer networks. Starting from relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown over the past 25 years to become a powerful global brand offering the most advanced network solutions. Whether you need solutions for home users, business solutions, service providers, we pride ourselves in offering award-winning network products and services on multiple occasions. We will continue to set the standard by installing networks for people around the world.

Environ by Excel

Environ is the new Excel high-performance racks system. The range of Environ open racks and racks has been designed to make it easier, faster and more efficient to install and use later. The wide variety of designs and products available makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in companies, data centers and in the professional audiovisual and security market.


Excel is a world-leading powerful infrastructure solution: design, manufacturing, and transported. Excel is led by a team of industry experts, which guarantees the application of the latest innovations and means of production in order to exceed the standards of quality and performance, as well as observance and technical excellence.

The Excel brand is owned by the Mayflex Group, a leading provider of converged IP solutions for infrastructure products, networks and electronic security. Mayflex The group was established in 1917 and is a thriving private company on behalf of undeniable references association with installers, integrators and resellers.

General Cable Corporation

General Cable Corporation is one of the leading cable manufacturing companies worldwide. With his activity he has contributed and contributes decisively in the progress and improvement of the quality of life of the people. And, through innovation and technology, General Cable is present in the development and evolution of society. With sales of more than 3 billion euros, 47 factories and more than 11,000 employees that provide services to a global network of customers worldwide, General Cable Corporation is a company in constant expansion and development, integrated by General Cable North America, General Cable Europe & amp; Med, and Rest of the World.


GVSpeed is a leading manufacturer of fiber optics and network products with facilities located in Spain and serving clients in the peninsula. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets fiber optic solutions.

GVSpeed was born with the first mythologies of communications, just as the Greeks communicated through mirrors to transmit information. One of the first uses of fiber optic was to use a fiber bundle for the transmission of images, all this changed when they were including more possibilities of transmission.


Monolyth is a range of 19 "Rack cabinets and accessories for communications, networks, voice-data, etc. An alternative that aims to cover a very defined market segment. The perfect solution for companies looking for a versatile, quality product with an adjusted cost, according to current requirements. A varied range of products for hosting communication systems, with models designed to cover both the most demanding needs, as well as the simplest and most flexible ones.


On July 14, 2015 NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, (NASDAQ: NTCT) acquired Danaher's Communications business, which included:

Tektronix Communications, VSS, ARBOR, FLUKE Networks Enterprise Solutions

NETSCOUT continues to work with the Partners that will continue to distribute the different lines of business of Fluke Networks.


It is a private and Spanish company that operates in the optical communications sector, designing, producing and commercializing Fiber Optic Cables and Opto Electronic Equipment. Thanks to our modern machinery park and the most advanced technology, we can annually produce more than 400,000 km of Optical Cable, which we commercialize all over the world. We currently have a presence in more than 50 countries. In Optral we invest in improving service, quality and speed in responding to the demands of our customers, we are committed to the constant search for innovative products that meet the needs of our customers and explore new market niches.


Raisecom was created in 1999. It is currently a leading provider offering comprehensive access solutions and network devices. Headquartered in Beijing / China, RaiseCom has consistently achieved strong growth with partners and customers from more than 80 countries around the world. RaiseCom has more than 2,500 employees with a RnD center in Beijing, two major manufacturing plants in Beijing and Shenzhen, eight international subsidiaries and representative offices, and Raisecom Inc. located in Florida, USA.


Riello UPS produces devices of great value and efficiency, in solutions that guarantee Power Quality - quality electrical supply - and Business Continuity - supply continuity for installations and systems that must work correctly even in critical circumstances.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, as a global specialist in energy management and with operations in more than 100 countries, offers comprehensive solutions for different market segments, holding leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industry, buildings and data centers, as well as a wide range of presence in the residential sector. Schneider Electric provides solutions for the management of energy, from the generation, transport, distribution and even of electricity.

Simon Connect

SIMON is the head of an industrial group that, starting from a family workshop born in Olot (Spain) 100 years ago, has grown thanks to the effort and tenacity of thousands of people, to position itself as the leading company in the Spanish market and with a remarkable position in the world market of low voltage electrical equipment. Its product portfolio, with more than 5,500 references, covers small electrical and protection equipment, electronics, tele management and tele-measurement of point-to-point consumption, security (access control, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, technical alarms), voice, data and multimedia connection for jobs, channels, and interior lighting for professional environments based on LED technology.


Socomec Ibérica was established for the first time in Spain in 1992 through the merger with Arón Electrónica, creating the company Socomec - Arón, S.A. The central offices are located in Teià (Barcelona) and a delegation is opened in Madrid. From the year 2000, Socomec expands its presence in the Iberian Peninsula by reducing the area of Portugal. It is in 2006 when the branch office of Mafra (Portugal) is inaugurated. During 2008 it inaugurates the offices of Alcalá de Guadira, Seville.


Televes, whose head office is located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), has evolved over more than 50 years of history to position itself as a leading global coverage company. Televés is the design, development and manufacture of equipment for the distribution of telecommunications services in the infrastructure of buildings and homes. He is currently the head of a Corporation composed of strategic technology companies, with a commercial presence in more than 90 countries and has more than 200 Industrial Property registrations (European patents, national patents and utility models).