Process-oriented Solutions towards Industry 4.0


Company of the Valle Group founded in 1985. It was created with the purpose of covering the specialized sale in the Industrial Automation sector, at that time of recent expansion. Official distributor specialist of products for the AUTOMATION OF PROCESSES AND INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS of Siemens, with Approved Partner Siemens certification (distributor with added value).

Currently within its product portfolio, it also includes PHOENIX and SICKboth leaders in the Industrial Automation Sector. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, ArgoLogic is the first Distribution Technical Center that can provide its customers with global solutions in Products and Application Systems in sectors such as Automation, Robotics, Maintenance, Lifting, Machine Safety and Production.

In a market in continuous evolution, ArgoLogic adapts to your needs, thanks to its experience and knowledge. The continuous training of its human team, guarantees to be always at the forefront of the Technological Innovations offering the best solutions oriented to the industry 4.0. (Solutions for Industrial Digitalization).

In Argo Logic you will find what you were looking for, a quality supplier, with a team of highly qualified engineers with great experience who are at your service, to accompany you in all phases of the project, from the development, supply of material, programming , integration and start-up and an after-sales service to meet all the doubts and needs.

The involvement with clients and the knowledge of their needs allows us to respond in an agile and efficient way under the premises of Quality, Service and Responsibility. ArgoLogic has a highly qualified technical team to support our customers both Software and Hardware.

Likewise, we can offer tailor specific training, either at our facilities or those of our customers.

En el 2018 hemos creado la división de ArgoRobotics, especialista en la Robótica Colaborativa.